Self Catering Bookings - Covid-19 Update - 26th March

We work closely with Discover Scotland, and we are fully aware of the terms and conditions that they set out to every guest that makes a booking with them.  However we are determined to do all that we can to help our customers take their holidays at a later date.
So please read the following carefully:
1.      You will be contacted by myself, and Discover Scotland in the coming days and next week. (Despite the message yesterday that Discover Scotland office is closed, they are now making it possible for work to continue from their homes).
2.      Guests who were due to arrive from 27th March, up to and including arrival on Friday 17th April will hear from us first.
3.      Guests who were due to arrive from Sat 18th April up to and including arrival on Saturday 16th May will be contacted after that.
4.      Any guests whose holiday is due to commence from 22nd May onwards, we will come to you after that.
5.      If you have paid a deposit and your balance is due, do NOT pay it until we know how this situation is going to develop.
6.      After all this we will get to home schooling Jack & Lucy!!!
The impact corona virus is having on the nation is unprecedented.  Not only the health implications of those affected by the virus but also the businesses and employees that have lost their jobs or are facing uncertainty in these tough times.  Nobody can prepare for something like this and our hearts go out to the people that are suffering.
This week has not been an easy one at Mossyard.  We are doing our very best to respond to each and every customer we have.  Not only have we had to close our business until we are told otherwise, we still have relationships to maintain and crucially, we have a family to look after who honestly have had very little of our time this week and as we try to find the answers our guests are looking for.  We are doing everything that we can and your enquiries will be dealt with we promise you.

It is the people that make Mossyard such a special place and your absence leaves us deeply saddened.  The familiar faces that return each year and the kind comments you are leaving us are making these difficult days worth fighting through and we can assure you we are working extremely hard to get things sorted.
We would appeal to everyone to be patient, we are trying our hardest to resolve this for everyone as quickly as we can.  Please show kindness at a time when it is needed most.